Inspection & Recertification

If you live in affordable housing, every year Westbrook Housing will review your income to make sure you continue to qualify for the housing program. We’ll also inspect your apartment annually to make sure it’s safe.

How inspections are scheduled: Westbrook Housing will tell you in advance when we’ll inspect your apartment. Maintenance technicians and property managers usually conduct these inspections together. You do not have to be present unless you want to be.

Sometimes state or federal housing inspectors may come to examine apartments to make sure they are safe. We will give you advance notice of these inspections whenever possible.

Annual income “recertification” reviews: If you live in an affordable/subsidized housing unit, we may review your family’s income annually to make sure you continue to qualify for the program. These annual reviews are call “recertifications.”

About four months before your move-in anniversary, the compliance/recertification specialist will schedule a meeting with you to review your income and assets. After this review, we will verify your income and we may recalculate your rent. You are always given a 30-day advance notice before you start paying the new rent amount.

If your income or household changes, tell us immediately: Don’t wait for your recertification appointment, you must tell us right away if your income or family size changes. For example, tell us if you have a baby or if you have a new job. Failure to tell us about these changes can result in financial penalties and even eviction.

How is your income verified? Westbrook Housing will verify all income with your employer through written documentation. Westbrook Housing also periodically reviews employment records through HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification System. If Westbrook Housing finds you did not report income, you may be penalized.