Activities and Events Overview

Are there organized social activities for tenants?
Organized activities are available at all senior and public housing buildings. The activities coordinator hosts activities that are held at the building which includes crafts, movies, Wii, parties,BBQs, etc. . Also, there is a calendar posted listing trips that are being offered. The calendar for trips typically lists trips for two months at a time. The calendar indicated type of trip, cost and duration of trip not including pickup and drop-off times.

Moreover, besides the Activities Coordinator’s events many buildings hold socials such as pot lucks, game nights and movie nights. This is organized by the building’s residents.

How do I find out about them? How do I participate?
Events hosted by the Activities Coordinator will be posted on bulletin boards. Each event will indicate whether one needs to sign up, if yes it will state where to sign up.

Trips that are posted on the trips calendar include the trip sign up and cancelation line 854-6767. This is an automated line- the person leaves a voicemail with name, trips, and phone number and the Activity Coordinator gets back to them within two business days.

Events hosted by the building usually has a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board located in the building.

What building-specific activities are there?
Each building is very different and varies greatly when it comes to specific activities. Check the bulletin boards to see what is happening around the building. If there is a certain activity an individual wants to start in their building you can call the Activity Coordinator to help establish the event. The Activity Coordinator can be reached at 854-6841.

Are there tenant councils in each building?
Every building is welcome to a tenant council however, not every building has one. The council must have active board members including bylaws. Most of the senior and public housing buildings do have one at this time.

Other events/outings?
Community events are also posted on the bulletin boards in each building. Community events include music entertainment and dinners.