Westbrook Housing Properties

783 & 789 Main Street, Westbrook, ME

783 & 789 Main Street

13 Apartments • Market Rate
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Larrabee Heights, Westbrook, ME

Larrabee Heights

36 Apartments • Senior Housing
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Larrabee Woods, Westbrook, ME

Larrabee Woods

25 Apartments • Public Housing
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Presumpscot Commons, Westbrook, ME

Presumpscot Commons

29 Apartments • Senior Housing
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Malcolm A. Noyes Apartments, Westbrook, ME

Malcolm A. Noyes Apartments at Millbrook Estates

38 Apartments • Tax Credit Senior Housing
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School House Commons, Westbrook, ME

School House Commons

8 Apartments • Multi-Family Housing
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Golder Commons, Westbrook, ME

Golder Commons

26 Apartments • Multi-Family Housing
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Larrabee Village, Westbrook, ME

Larrabee Village

150 Apartments • Senior Housing
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Millbrook Estates, Westbrook, ME

Millbrook Estates

100 Apartments • Market Rate & Tax Credit
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Riverview Terrace, Westbrook, ME

Riverview Terrace

58 Apartments • Public Housing
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Spring Crossing, Westbrook, ME

Spring Crossing

34 Apartments • Senior Housing
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