Frequently Asked Questions About Building Maintenance

Why do you remove the sidewalk benches during fall and winter?
We need to remove these benches to prepare for snow plowing and shoveling. Typically, we try to get the benches put away by late October. We return the benches in the spring when we’re sure the snow has stopped and the grounds are dry.

Why do we have so many inspections during the year?
The inspections are usually from government agencies that help fund Westbrook Housing’s affordable housing programs. They want to make sure the buildings they finance are safe for tenants. Westbrook Housing also inspects all of its units once a year in order to be prepared for the additional inspections.

What happens when something needs to be repaired?
Contact maintenance as soon as possible so small repairs don’t become big problems.

If it is not an emergency, call 854-8202 or email .  Be sure to leave your name, apartment number and building name, telephone number, the reason for your call and if you do or do not provide permission to enter your unit to perform the repair if you are not home.

If it is an emergency, call 854-8202 press 1 at any time during the message, and state where you live, your telephone number and your emergency.

Will I be charged for special maintenance requests or damages caused by me or someone in my household?
You may be charged a fee for some services or repairs.  Click here for a complete list of maintenance charges.

How long before the item I report is repaired?
Typically we try to complete repairs within a 14 day period.  Occasionally outside vendors must perform the repair or we may need to order parts which may increase the time for repairs.  Providing permission to enter your apartment when you are not home may help for a faster repair.  Tenant caused damages may be assessed a fee for parts and services.

Why is it important to move my car after a snow storm?
Westbrook Housing is responsible for keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice during winter. You must follow the directions about when to move your vehicle so maintenance workers can clear parking lots and walkways and keep them safe.

When you don’t move your car and we have to plow around it, the snow and ice left behind builds up and becomes hazardous for our residents.  For the safety of all residents, Westbrook Housing must regrettably tow any vehicle that is not moved, at the owner’s expense.

Why does it cost so much to get apartment keys replaced?
Your building and apartment keys are part of a Mastered Key System.  Replacing keys in this system requires a locksmith service. There is a fee plus the cost of the key(s) for each request.

How do I make sure I will get my security deposit back when I move?
The apartment should be left in the same condition as when you moved in, with the exception of normal wear and tear.  A Pre-Move Out Inspection will be scheduled two weeks prior to the date of your move.  At this inspection, you will be given instructions based on the condition of your apartment and an estimate of the cost to you for damages and/or items you are unable to complete.  Your security deposit or a letter explaining how your security deposit was used will be sent to your last known address within 30 days of your move out date.  You can find more information about security deposits here.

When do you install/remove air conditioners?
You may request an appointment to have your air conditioner installed beginning on May 15th and then another appointment to have your air conditioner removed by Oct. 15th.  There is an annual fee that includes the installation and the removal service for all residents using air conditioning.  Do not attempt to install your air conditioner on your own without first contacting your property manager.

Can maintenance staff take my large belongings to the dump?
Westbrook Housing maintenance technicians are not able to help residents dispose of their personal items due to insurance policy restrictions. You will have to find someone to dispose of large items such as televisions, mattresses or pieces of furniture. Also, our staff cannot deliver or move personal items for residents in their apartments.